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Clinical and Operational Psychology Residency Program
Accreditation Status
Application and Selection Process
Selection Policy Letter


At this time the Clinical and Operational Psychology Residency (COPR) program at Fort Bragg, NC, is available only to qualified active-duty military psychologists who have completed an APA accredited clinical psychology internship program.

Typically, applicants for the COPR program are individuals currently completing a Clinical Psychology internship at one of the U.S. Army’s five (5) APA accredited Clinical Psychology Internship Programs (CPIPs).  Graduate students from an APA accredited program in Clinical or Counseling Psychology who are interested in one of the Army’s five internship programs, can find more information regarding such at the following site: http://www.goarmy.com/amedd/education/graduate-health-care-education.html

Active-duty individuals enrolled in an APA-accredited clinical psychology internship program at another military site (Navy or Air Force) are encouraged to contact their professional Consultant/OTSG liaison to consider if they would be supported in application and assignment to this residency program.  After obtaining such endorsement in writing, the potential applicant should contact the COPR Program Director at usarmy.bragg.medcom-wamc.mbx.coprprogramdirector@mail.mil.

Civilian psychologists that qualify for and are interested in becoming a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army should contact the Psychology Consultant to the U.S. Army Surgeon General, in order to discuss direct accession eligibility. Direct accessions are not expected to be immediately eligible for assignment to the Clinical and Operational Psychology Residency (COPR) program.


~ Serious candidates must be capable of passing a SERE physical, as successful residents will partially complete the qualifications necessary for the M6 identifier (SERE psychologist) during the operational psychology rotation. Interested applicants will also be required to undergo psychological assessment in accordance with expectations of any officer working within the Special Forces community. ~