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PGY1: First Year/Internship
PGY2: Second Year
PGY3: Third Year
Residency Program
Medical and PA Students
Family Medicine Residency Program (Home)

PGY2 residents will continue to refine their skill sets and management strategies when taking care of patients either during an in-patient or out-patient setting.  The opportunity to rotate through sub-specialty care clinics and advance Geriatric Care through nursing home visits begins during the second year of residency. In addition, research opportunities are also available.

Second Year Curriculum

The following is a description of the Family Medicine Second-Year Curriculum:

  • Dermatology (4 week block)
  • FM Clinic (4 week block)
  • Family Medicine Inpatient Team (8 weeks in 2 blocks)
  • General Surgery Clinic (4 week block)
  • Geriatrics  (4 week block)
  • High Risk Obstetrics (4 week block)
  • Intensive Care Unit (4 week block)
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (2 week block)
  • Pediatrics Clinic (4 week block)
  • Procedures (4 week block)
  • Radiology (2 week block)
  • Sports Medicine (4 week block)
  • Medicine Selective (Cardiology, Endocrinology, Allergy, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Infectious Disease, Pulmonology, Rheumatology or Heme/Onc)  (4 week block)
  • Two half days of video clinic

In addition to these rotations, the Family Practice second-year resident (R-2) has the following responsibilities:

  • Two to three 1/2 days each week in the Family Medicine Clinic caring for his/her assigned panel of 250 patients (continuity clinic);
  • Daily checking his/her e-mail and answering telephone consultations from his/her patients;
  • Daily team huddle with Continuity Care Team
  • 90 minutes every other week in the Behavioral Health/Balint Year Group;
  • Attending Family Medicine Morning Report (See Table 1.1 for rotations this is required)
  • 4 hours each week in the Academic Half Day Lecture Series;
  • Seeing a minimum of 700 FM Clinic outpatient visits. (Bringing total for PGY1and 2 to 850)
  • Maintaining BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP, ATLS, and ALSO certifications
  • Giving two lecture during Academic Half Day
  • Must complete license application no later than 1 October and have license no later than 1 April of PGY2 year.
  • participate in 1 Community Health Projects;
  • Longitudinal care for two nursing home patient at the VA hospital with monthly visits
  • Complete two home visits (at least one must be geriatric)
  • Two continuity OB patients will be added to the resident’s panel each month. The resident will provide all prenatal care, deliver, and follow post-partum. 
  • Two half days of video clinic per year
  • Two Counseling Clinics per year
  • One continuity procedure clinic every other month

The Family Medicine R-2 has an assigned Family Medicine advisor who monitors his/her progress through the different rotations and meets with him/her on at least a monthly basis. The R-2 receives a written evaluation at the end of each rotation, each quarter, and at the end of the academic year.