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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What do I bring?
At Fort Bragg, ACU’s are the encouraged uniform. Please bring Class A’s if you will be interviewing with us.  A stethoscope, a copy of your orders or a copy bringing you here to Ft Bragg, required text as per your school and a willingness to learn.  In addition, your designated military physical training (PT) clothes are also required for scheduled Academic Half Day sports time.

   http://www.armystudyguide.com/content/powerpoint/Uniforms_Presentations/acu-presentation-2.shtml *   http://www.armystudyguide.com/content/powerpoint/Uniforms_Presentations/class-a-uniform-inspectio-2.shtml *

What kind of “numbers” do residents at WAMC average with procedures?
Our program overall has a larger “hands on” requirement than other FM Programs. It is designed to ensure competency, confidence and quality exposure time with staff, nurses and technical assistance.   We will always meet RRC requirements and feel that the practical training is what makes WAMC Family Medicine unique.

Will I be on call?
Medical Students are required to take one in-house call during your rotation.   Please take the time to ask questions and see for yourself why we are the largest Family Medicine Residency in the Army that operates in volume.

What can I expect during my rotation at WAMC?
We pride ourselves on the vast spectrum of our scope of practice. You will spend at least one week on the FMIT (Family Medicine In-patient Team) where you will be one of the team members that evaluates patients in the ED, pregnant patients in labor and delivery, and even ill children all in one day.  Don’t be overwhelmed because we are here to help you.  The rest of your stay will consist of working with staff and residents assisting in procedures ranging from
colposcopies to vasectomies.  The remainder of your time will be doing what is the core of Family Medicine – seeing and taking care of patients from newborns to veterans and their families.