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Social Work Programs

-  Deployment Support Care Manager Program:

Provides assessments and referrals involving all cycles of deployment to Soldiers and family members. Provide briefings to Commanders, units and Family Readiness Groups.

Inpatient Social Work:

Conduct assessments on patients experiencing psychosocial problems.  Provide resource information to single soldiers and to dependent daughters with newborn babies. Provide assistance involving adoptions to ensure that the hospital protocol has been followed.

Outpatient Social Work:

Provide counseling in various areas to Soldiers, family members and eligible beneficiaries. The purpose is to assist in helping patients with socio-economic, psycho-social, and interpersonal difficulties.

-  Marriage and Family Program (Non-FAP):

Provides couples and family counseling services to patients who are experiencing marital discord, personal, family and environmental difficulties.

-  Child and Adolescent Therapy Program:

The Child and Adolescent Therapy Program provides outpatient therapy for children and youth with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues and for their Families.