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Travel Clinic Services

Travel Clinic

Active Duty Soldiers on leave / Dependents on leave / Dependents on PCS orders / Retired military

Medical recommendation for international travel includes medical advice on health precautions, Vaccinations,
and medication to prevent malaria, travelers’ diarrhea, and air sickness.

Preferably 2 months or more prior to departure

Vaccine Health Center at Womack Army Medical Center

Call for appointment: 432-4015

Travel Clinic Information

Womack Army Medical Center's Travel Clinic provides medical guidance to beneficiaries who have international travel plans. Customized information packets are prepared to include health risks in each country visited together with required vaccinations, suggested health precautions, and emergency embassy contact information. Prescriptions for vaccinations, travelers' diarrhea, air/sea sickness, and/or malaria prevention may be written for adult beneficiaries while children are required to follow-up with their primary care provider for prescription medication and vaccinations.

Travel Clinic services are available to dependent beneficiaries, retired service members, dependents accompanying active duty service members on PCS orders, and active duty soldiers traveling on leave. Active duty soldiers on orders for PCS or TDY must process through their assigned primary care clinics.

Appointments for international travelers should be made at least 2 months in advance of travel in order to allow time for all vaccinations. The Travel Clinic is located in the Vaccine Health Center on the All American side of the hospital, second floor, just above the Pediatric Clinic.