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Preventive Medicine Services

    Preventive Medicine Services
  •        Environmental Health396-5882

    Bldg 1-2739 Randolph & Hamilton St (Near Iron Mike)

    • Pest Infestation Assesments
    • Drinking Water Quality Testing
    • Living Quarters Sanitation Inspections
    • Food Sanitation/Food Handlers Training
    • Heat/Cold Weather Injury Prevention Training
    • Automated Heat Category Status (907-HEAT)
    • Food Vendors/Restaurant Sanitation
    • Child, Youth, and School-age Services Environmental Inspections
    • Recreation Facility Sanitation Inspections
    • Hazardous Material Collection Oversight

  •        Fort Bragg Regional Vaccine Health432-4015

    2nd Floor, WAMC

    • Evaluation of Adverse Events following Immunizations
    • Vaccine Exemption & Causality Assesment
    • Vaccine Education Briefs including Anthrax/Small-pox (Pre-deployment Briefs)

  •        Health Physics907-8496

    1st Floor, WAMC (Dept of Nuclear Medicine)

    • Radiation Exposure Assesments
    • Radiation Exposure Monitoring

  •        Army Hearing Program907-9238

    Bldg 1-2739 Randolph & Hamilton St (Near Iron Mike)

    • Annual Hearing Screenings (Soldiers/Civilians)
    • Hearing Protection Program
    • Tactical Communications Systems
    • Full Diagnostic Audio Exams/Counseling

  •        Epidemiological Disease Control432-9302

    Bldg 1-2739 Randolph & Hamilton St (Near Iron Mike)

    • STD/HIV Surveillance, Screenings and Briefings
    • Environmental (Heat/Cold) Injuries Monitoring
    • Non-FDA Approved Blood Monitoring
    • Animal Bite Reporting
    • Reportable Medical Diseases Surveillance and Reporting

  •        Occupational Health396-5224

    Bldg 1-2739 Randolph & Hamilton St (Near Iron Mike)

    • Post-Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Evaluations
    • N-95 Respirator Mask Medical Clearance
    • Civilian Pre-Placement Examinations
    • Workers Compensation Evaluations
    • Fitness for Duty and Work Restrictions
    • Return to Duty Evaluations
    • Worksite New Employee Screenings
    • Pregnant Soldiers Occupational Exposure Screenings
    • Healthcare Worker Immunizations
    • Employment Related Tuberculosis Screenings

  •        Army Public Health Nursing907-9355 (WELL)

    Bldg 1-2739 Randolph & Hamilton St (Near Iron Mike)

    • Deployment Related Animal Exposure/Rabies Screening
    • Tobacco Cessation Program
    • Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Training
    • Tuberculosis Surveillance and Control
    • Child, Youth, and School-age Services Health Inspections
    • Overseas Contingency Operations Medical Threat Briefings
    • Manage the Travel Medicine Screenings
    • Health Promotion Briefings/Awareness

  •        Industrial Hygiene643-2457

    Bldg 2-2010 Woodruff St

    • Respirator Mask Fit Testing (including N-95)
    • Indoor Air Quality Assesments
    • Ergonomic Assesment/Classes
    • Noise Exposure and Monitoring
    • Worksite Health Hazard Assesments
    • Worksite Fume Hood Testing
    • Lead/Asbestos Assesments
    • Mold Assesments
    • Respiratory Protection Program
    • Ventilation System Surveys

  •        Army Wellness Center643-2101

    Bldg 2-2015 Woodruff and Jackson St

    • Biometric Screening (Body Composition, Body Mass Index, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure Screening)

    • Excercise Prescriptions
    • Metabolic Testing (Resting Metabolic Rates-Caloric Requirements)

    • Weight Management Classes
    • Nutrition Classes
    • Biofeedback Stress Management Training
    • Stress Management Classes
    • Positive Coping Skills Classes
    • Good Sleep Hygiene Classes
    • Health Classes (Self Care, Chronic Disease Prevention, Healthy Lifestyles Habits)