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The MTBI Occupational Therapy Mission

• Provide OT services to address the soldiers’ cognitive, behavioral, psychosocial, vocational and/or educational needs to maximize occupational performance, quality of life, and readiness to return to duty or transition to a productive civilian life.

• Provide client-centered, evidenced based interventions to ensure best care practice.

• Implement activity-based interventions to enhance occupational performance to strengthen adaptive behaviors, mitigate maladaptive behaviors and facilitate the implementation of balance to better service members’ functional life skills to attain the ultimate goal of a return-to-duty (RTD) status.

• Evaluate occupational performance; implement intervention strategies/techniques to address deficits as a means of providing recommendation for continuation of care.

• Optimize the soldiers’ level of independence via use of intervention techniques such as modalities and purposeful/occupation-based activities.

• Evaluate the soldiers’ occupational performance deficits and introduce means to remediate, adapt or compensate for their impairments through use of everyday tasks.

• Utilize multi-disciplinary approach to deliver comprehensive services.

MTBI Occupational Therapy Vision

The TBI/Neurology Occupational Therapy Clinic is dedicated to ensuring that our soldiers receive the highest quality healthcare
and resources available to maximize their medical deployability. We strive to be the finest mild Traumatic Brain Injury Occupational Therapy clinic in the United States military.

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