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Ophthalmology Service

Front Desk:

(910) 907-6001

Appointment Clerk:

(910) 907-6043


(910) 907-8614


The Ophthalmology Service is dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care to active duty soldiers, retired military beneficiaries and their dependents.  We have two board certified general ophthalmologists, one board certified pediatric ophthalmologist, and one board eligible ophthalmologist in full-time staff positions.  The comprehensive eye care that we provide includes the medical, surgical and laser treatment of eye trauma, cataract, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and strabismus.  We evaluate and treat over 14,000 eye patients and perform more than 1,000 major eye operations annually.  In addition, the ophthalmology service supports the full-time training of a senior resident ophthalmologist from the University of North Carolina Medical Center at Chapel Hill and we have direct affiliations with the University of North Carolina Eye Program. We also have direct referral access to Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other military medical centers across the country.