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Screening Guidelines 

Diabetes: Screenings for diabetic retinopathy normally are performed yearly.

Type one: First exam should be scheduled 5 years after the onset of diabetes or at the onset of puberty which ever comes first. Routine "baseline" exams upon diagnosis are not necessary.

Type two: The first screening exam should be performed upon diagnosis as a routine referral to Ophthalmology.

Hypertension Typically there is no need for routine hypertensive retinopathy screenings.

Glaucoma: Routine glaucoma screenings are not performed by ophthalmology but should be part of a routine optometry exam.

Cataracts: Screenings for cataract or following known cataracts should be performed during an optometry exam.

Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis: Seen upon diagnosis and typically every three months from then on depending on the age, ANA status, and joints involved. Discuss with the ophthalmologist.

Plaquenil: Prior to starting treatment and typically yearly thereafter depending on the dose and treatment duration.

PUVA: Prior to starting treatment.

Retinopathy of Prematurity: Depends on the weight , age, and oxygen status. Over 1800 grams does not need a screening. 1500 grams to 1800 grams if on oxygen for more than one month. Less than 1500 grams no matter what the oxygen status should be seen. The first screening should be at 6 weeks post partum or 34 weeks whichever is first.

School Vision Screenings: Screening for children failing school physicals typically are done by optometry.

Refractive Surgery Consults and screenings are done by optometry