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Process for EFMP Updates:

Background information on updates:

1.  EFMP enrollees are required by Army Regulation to update their enrollments at least every three years , or sooner when there are substantial changes to medical condition or educational plan, pursuant to AR 608-75 (Exceptional Family Member Program).  ***Enrollment updates should be initiated six months prior to the expiration date, however, due to the fact that Family travel decisions will not be made for Family members whose EFMP enrollment will expire within six months***.

2.  Failure to update EFMP enrollment does not equate to disenrollment.  Failure to update every three years puts the enrollment into a delinquent status that may affect  Soldier’s assignments and other career opportunities.

3.  Disenrolling from EFMP requires a formal processing of an updated DD Form 2792 (Family Member Medical Summary).

Medical Enrollment Update Process:

1.  Service Member (SM) or Family Member (FM) should contact the EFMP office to obtain a copy of the PERnet EFMP enrollment summary, which summarizes FM’s enrolled conditions and medical care requirements.

(If you wish to have your enrollment summary emailed to you, you must complete and return to the EFMP office, a MEDCOM Form 756 (Authorization to Send and Receive Medical Information by Electronic Mail).

2.  Complete the entire first two pages and complete the top portion of pages 5-11 of the DD Form 2792 .

3.  Provide a DD Form 2792, along with the SM’s PERnet EFMP summary, to your Primary Care Manager (PCM) for completion.  Your PCM may require that you make an appointment for this. 

4.  A separate DD Form 2792 must be completed for each FM requiring an update. 

5.  EFMP authenticated DD Form 2792’s will be provided to you at the end of your EFMP nurse appointment, provided no further information is required to process the update.  ****PLEASE NOTE THAT THE EFMP AUTHENTICATED DD FORM 2792 WILL SERVE AS PROOF OF EFMP ENROLLMENT FOR THE PURPOSE OF ECHO SERVICES SUCH AS APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS (ABA), AS WELL AS ACS EFMP RESPITE SERVICES**** 

6.  Soldiers whose EFMP has expired and are unable, despite attempts, to obtain updated Family member medical information due to legal separation or divorce may obtain a waiver by presenting the EFMP office one of the following documents: 
     1) a copy of the legal separation agreement,
     2) a copy of a legal document that indicates that the divorce proceedings are underway, or
     3) a sworn, notarized statement indicating that you have filed for, or in the process of a legal separation.

Education Enrollment Update Process:

1.  DD Form 2792-1 (Special Education / Early Intervention Summary), which pertains to children who receive special education under an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), must also be updated every 3 years.  This form must be less than one year old for overseas screens, however.

2. DD Form 2792-1’s are completed by early intervention or school personnel

3.  SM/FM should entirely complete page 2 of the DD Form 2792-1, with the exception of block 8.  Block 8 will be completed by EFMP staff. 

4.  A completed DD Form 2792-1 and a copy of your child’s current IEP or IFSP are required for the update process.

5.   Completed DD Form 2792-1’s will be provided to you at the end of your EFMP nurse appointment, provided no further information is required to process the update.

Disenrollment Process:

1.  A new DD Form 2792 and/or DD Form 2792-1 must be completed for disenrollment. 

2.  For medical disenrollments, it is essential that each enrolled diagnosis is specifically addressed on the DD Form 2792.  This will require that your PCM reviews your PERnet EFMP enrollment summary, which is available from the EFMP office. 

3.  Your PCM must write “resolved” on page 4/page 5 of the DD Form 2792 in the treatment plan box of the currently enrolled diagnosis that is no longer applicable. (Please note that mental health and cancer diagnoses are not disenrollable until the FM has been free of the condition for five years.)

4.  School personnel must complete DD Form 2792-1 requests for disenrollment, to confirm that the child is no longer receiving special educational services.  Parents of home-schooled children may complete page 2, #1-7 of the DD Form 2792-1 in order to disenroll a child who is no longer receiving special educational services.

5.  Otherwise, the process is the same as for completing EFMP updates, as listed above, with the exception of “administrative disenrollments.”

6.  For further information on requirements for administratively disenrolling Family members who are no longer required to enroll for reasons such as divorce, change in custody, no longer on IEP due to high school graduation, or children who have transitioned into adulthood, please refer to the following EFMP Disenrollment document. Additional information is also available at the following AMEDD EFMP link: http://efmp.amedd.army.mil/enrollment/disenrollment.html

 Process for New EFMP Enrollments:

1.  PCM’s and other healthcare providers should initiate EFMP enrollment at the time an enrollable medical condition is diagnosed.  This entails completion of a DD Form 2792.

2.  SM/FM may also request enrollment if they recognize that a FM has been diagnosed with an enrollable condition.

3.  Once the DD Form 2792 is completed, contact the EFMP office to set up an appointment for new enrollment.

4.  At the conclusion of the EFMP enrollment visit, provided no further information is needed, you will receive an EFMP authenticated copy of the DD Form 2792.  (This authenticated copy may be used for the purpose of obtaining ACS EFMP services such as respite, or for ECHO services such as ABA)