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Medical One Stop

To complete the full Medical Readiness screening of each Soldier who in and out processes Fort Bragg
Scope of Service
Medical Readiness for incoming Fort Bragg: 
  • MEDPROS Screening/Updates
  • Vision Screening
  • Audiograms
  • Blood draw (HIV, G6PD, Lipid Panels)
  • DNA Collection
  • Immunizations (Routine Adult)
  • Periodic Health Assessments (PHA)
  • Post Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA)
  • Social Work/Deployment Care Management
  • Profile Review/Update

Medical One Stop is located in the basement of the Soldier Support Center.  See map* for directions.
For more information call: 396-4753
For PDHRA information call: 396-3853/3903  

Notes of interest:

1.     Hours of operation are: 0730-1630 Monday-Fridays. Closed weekends, training holidays and all federal holidays.

2.     Soldiers who are separating from the service for any reason (ETS, Chapter, retirement etc.) will be required to have a PPD placed and read prior to clearing Fort Bragg unless they have documentation of having had a PPD administered, read and annotated in MEDPROS within the preceding 12 months.

3.     Soldiers who receive a PPD at One-Stop will be required to return within 48-72 hrs for a PPD reading.

4.     No in-processing or clearing stamps will be issued until the PPD has been read and documented in MEDPROS.

5.     PDHRAs completed at One-Stop utilizing a 2-step process. The PPD is placed on Day 1. Soldier returns to One-Stop 48-72 hours later (Day 2) to have PPD read, results documented and PDHRA completed with Health Care Provider.

6.     PDHRA phones are not monitored after hours. For emergent physical or behavioral health issues please go to the nearest emergency room.

7.   One-Stop does not perform DNA collection for paternity testing