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Manpower Branch 

Chief: (910) 907-8637

Management Analysts:

(910) 907-8992/8615

Management Assistant: (910) 643-1861

People are Womack Army Medical Center’s most important resource. The Manpower Branch’s challenge is to ensure that WAMC has the right number of people to do the job and an efficient organizational structure which will best use its personnel. This becomes a complex task as the Army, on a Congressionally-limited budget, is constantly preparing itself to fight the battle of the future with new and modernized weapons, doctrine, and organizations. Manpower personnel help WAMC managers, using analytical tools, determine the amount of work to be done, the number of people needed to do the work and the manner in which the organization will operate to accomplish the mission.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

Table of Distribution & Allowances (TDA): The WAMC Manpower organizational & mission support programs begin here through careful development, analysis and evaluation. Manpower analysts document and submit TDAs and other manpower and management requirements. Also, performing management studies and/or surveys to include documentation of required staffing levels, appropriate utilization of personnel, logical functional relationships, and accurate workload factors.

Automated Staffing Assessment Model (ASAM): This is the Army Medical Command’s Manpower HQDA-approved manpower requirements determination process.

Organization and Functions Management: To provide policy and guidance for the organization and functions of the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) tables of distribution and allowances (TDA) units, activities, and installations assigned to HQ, US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM).

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WAMC SOP 37-7, Manpower SOP, Under Revision MEDCOM Reg 10-1, Organization and Functions Policy, 6 May 09