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Mother Baby Unit

We are a 68 bed (34 Moms & 34 Infants) couplet care unit.  Our services offer family centered, multi-disciplinary care, specialized in delivering safe, comprehensive and quality care to the mother and infant. 

Our Mission
To provide care for NSVD and C-Section patients and their newborn and high risk Antepartum patients.

Scope of Service
Population Served:
  • Female active duty
  • Retirees
  • Dependants
  • Infants of latter

Conditions and Diagnosis Treated:

  • High Volume: Postpartum patients and newborn infants 
  • High Risk: Preterm Labor, GDM, PIH 
  • Problem Prone: Preterm Labor, PIH, GDM, Complicated cesarean patients 
  • High Cost: First 24 hours post-op C/S patients (PCA pumps, Duramorph)
Treatments and Activities
  1. Care of NSVD, antepartum patients of greater than 20 weeks gestation with a variety of diagnosis, Cesarean Section patients, normal newborn routine care and newborns that require antibiotic therapy and phototherapy.
  2. Responsible for Rhogam injections for mothers, Rubella shots, Depo-Provera shots, PKU’s and Hepatitis B shots for infants.
  3. Provide education regarding prenatal care, postpartum care and infant care
Meeting Patient Needs
Family focused care:  Couplet care, Patient education, Infant care, Mother care-postpartum, rooming-in instruction, breast care -breast/bottle feeding, cord-care, bulb syringe usage, fundal massage, peri care, circ care, infant safety, lochia education, infant security, “Baby Basics”, discharge class for mother and newborn care class for infant, and infant care at home care on channel 52.

POEP Training, skills lab, bedside education books, Videos, Handouts, Group classes, One on one, Involvement of significant other and family members.