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Schedule Your Next Appointment Online

Scheduling your next appointment online through TRICARE On-Line is fast and easy. First time users can register in less than five minutes!

Watch this video, learn more about TRICARE On–Line or schedule your appointment online now.

Appointment Information

Appointments can be made and/or cancelled online. Register with TRICARE On–Line in less than five minutes.

Our Womack Call Center for Primary and Specialty Care Appointments are now combined and accessible by calling (910) 907-APPT(2778). This service is available Monday – Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm daily.

For your convenience, all specialty care referrals are automatically activated. You are no longer required to call or visit the referral management office in order to activate your referrals. After three business days, between the hours of 0730-1630, call 907-APPT(2778) and select option number 2 to schedule your specialty care appointment.

Our Womack Call Center strives to provide our beneficiaries with the correct appointment to the correct provider within the TRICARE Access to Care standards every time.

Womack also offers you a quick & easy way to cancel your appointment by calling (910) 907-(CNCL)2625. Service is accessible 24-hours a day. You may also call this line to hear your upcoming appointments for the next 45 days. You are prompted to key in your social security number (SSN) and press the pound (#) sign. If you know the appointment date and time of the appointment you want to cancel, you will enter the number of the month (1 through 12), press the pound (#) sign, then enter the date of the appointment (1 through 31). You will then be prompted to cancel your appointment.

Womack’s Automated Reminder Telephone Service. You'll be hearing from us…to better serve you, our automated appointment reminder service will call you three (3) days prior to your scheduled medical appointment. Simply follow the instructions to confirm or cancel your appointment.

Womack's TRICARE Prime Referral Process

Please call (910) 907-APPT(2778) and select the option for specialty care.

Referral Management is an important component to patient-centered care. The Referral Management Office is responsible for tracking referrals that are sent out of Womack for care in the civilian network. The Referral Management Office also coordinates care between the medical treatment facility and the TRICARE contractor, Health Net Federal Services. Approved referrals authorize military beneficiaries specific care in the civilian network or another military facility. The Referral Management Office assists patients with questions or concerns related to the authorization process, Right of First Refusal referral, accessing providers and how to obtain appointments. You may be given an appointment at one of our Womack specialty clinics or your medical referral will be sent to Health Net for processing to a network civilian provider. Health Net will locate a civilian network provider conveniently located for you that has available appointments and will send you a letter within 7 to 10 days providing you with the provider’s name, address and phone number. If you have not received this letter within 7 to 10 business days, or if you desire to see a different specialist, you must call 1-877-TRICARE.