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Instructions for a Clinical Experience at Womack
Resident and Student In-Processing Forms
Observation Students
InProcessing Forms
Background Investigation Paperwork
ID Card - Post Access
Online Training
Fire Safety and Infection Control
Housing (ADT)
Clinical Rotations
HPSP OTSG Information (Health Prof. Scholarship Program)


Required Paperwork for all Residents and Students


Graduate Medical Education- See Information on Student Requirements (For all)


SF85 (Back Ground Investigation Paperwork) Civilians only, see instructions

Doc of Vol. Service-  just fill out top portion- (For All)

Library registration form- this is only if you plan on checking out books from our Medical Library. (For All)

WAMC Student Standards of Conduct- how we would like you to behave while you are here. (For All)

Wearing of the Badge- just letting you know that you have to wear your badge while you’re in our facility (For All)

Immunization Forms

                Immunization Paperwork- instructions (For All)

                Student’s immunization records- fill out top portion only (For All)

                Immunization Page 2- answer questions 1-8 and fill out bottom left (For All)


ID Card-Post Access

Students are required to go to the Welcome Center at the All American Express Way. They will inform the guards that they are performing a Clinical Rotation at Womack Army Medical Center. Students will be issued a 90 days access pass.

Online Training

 DOD HIPAAEveryone need to do this Training Annually

How to register for HIPAA- instructions on how to register (For All)

Ancillary HIPAA Form- Non provider/Non Nursing students (For All that are not providers and not nurses)

Nursing HIPAA Form- for nursing students (For All nurses mil and Civ)

Provider HIPAA Form- For the Provider students (For Providers- both Mil and Civilian)


Information Assurance- This training is for everyone that will have Computer Access (Both Mil & Civ)

Fire Safety and Infection Control 

                Fire Safety and Infection Control Book- this is the handbook for this test (For All)

                Fire Safety test- answer sheet (For All)

                Infection control test-answer sheet (For All)


Housing Information- this is an informational sheet for all needing info about housing (Available for both civilian and military)


2011 National Patient Safety Goals (For All)

Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting (For All)

The Joint Commission’s “Do Not Use” List (For All)

 Womack Parking Policy (For All)


Directions on how to get to Womack Army Medical Center

Map of WAMC

Ft. Bragg Map