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New Health Care Portal/e-Profile
e-Profile is a software application within the Medical Operational Data System (MODS) suite that allows global tracking of Army Soldiers who have a temporary or permanent medical condition that may render them medically not ready to deploy.
Components of the application include the following:
•Automated Profile Form using the Artificial Intelligence Process
•MOS Medical Retention Board (MAR2) Status Tracking
•Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) Status Tracking
•Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) Status Tracking
•Statistical Reporting of all Components of the e-Profile Application
•Medical Specialty Referral for Soldiers
•e-Profile Contains PHI and is Required to be HIPAA Compliant
•Roles and permissions
•User Guides

Steps below: How to Register for DHA Medical Readiness Transformation
Courses on JKO
*Step 1: Log into JKO
*Step 2: Click on Course Catalog
*Step 3: Type in the Course Number [listed below] in the "Partial Course #"
or input the course title in the "Title Key Word" field;  click "Search".
*Step 4. Locate course, then select "Enroll"
DHA-US298: Medical Readiness Healthcare Portal Training
If you will be doing PHA’s do:
DHA-066 Department of Defense DOD Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) Health care Personnel Training
If you Need MODS access pleas go to MEDPROS: 
Complete the following documents:
DD 2875 and DD 2929, make sure everything in highlighted yellow is complete.
Contact Information

Fort Bragg Regional Coordinator

Mon - Thur: 6:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.