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Nutrition Clinic


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Nutrition Clinic Mission & Vision


The mission of the Nutrition Care Division is:

Procurement, receipt, storage, preparation, and delivery or sale of safe, wholesome, and appealing foods to patients and other authorized persons.

Timely delivery of medical nutrition therapy (MNT) and nutrition education to TRICARE beneficiaries in a variety of settings (inpatient wards, outpatient clinics, military units, and community organizations).

Provision of consultant services in nutrition to other health care providers and food service operations in the community.


NCD will be an organization characterized by:

People who want to come to work and make a difference each day.

Customers who find personal value in the food and nutrition services we provide.

Optimal utilization of nutrition care expertise and resources.

Outpatient Nutrition Clinic Classes and Appointments

*Classes are for patients 18 and above.*

Healthy Heart

Covers the dietary guidelines for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides with an emphasis on lowering the intake of saturated fat, alcohol, and concentrated sweets. Also covers dietary guidelines for lowering blood pressure by decreasing sodium intake.


A certified diabetes educator, pharmacist, resiliency trainer and a registered dietitian teach a series of three classes for all patients diagnosed with glucose intolerance, hyperglycemia, type 1 or type 2 diabetes. This class series is based on the American Diabetes Association and American Dietetic Association guidelines. Patients receive meal plans, instruction on use of meal plans, and instruction on carbohydrate counting.

Gestational Diabetes

Provides nutrition information and meal planning skills based on the American Diabetes Association and American Dietetic Association guidelines for pregnant women with high blood glucose levels.

Active Duty Weight Reduction/ Fit for Performance(FFP)

Covers weight loss principles with an emphasis on good nutrition, lowering fat intake, behavior modification, and exercise.

Dependent/Retiree Weight Reduction

Covers weight loss principles with an emphasis on good nutrition, lowering fat intake, behavior modification, and exercise.

Gastric Bypass

This class is designed for those patients seeking gastric bypass surgery and who have been referred by a physician for nutrition counseling prior to the surgery. The class covers post-operative nutrition, nutrient needs, and progression of the diet.

Individual Appointments

Are also available. Children (up to 17 years old and patients with special nutritional needs should make an appointment to be seen individually by a dietitian.

Follow-Up Appointments

Individual follow-up appointments are scheduled by a dietitian or medical clerk (patients must call 907-3438 to schedule an appointment).

Patients requiring outpatient nutrition counseling should be referred with a consult in CHCS by a health care provider and must schedule an appointment. Appointments are made through the Nutrition Care Clinic at 907-3438.

AR 600-9 Nutrition Counseling

Fit for Performance (FFP)
Nutrition Counseling Guidance
Womack Army Medical Center
Ft. Bragg, NC
November 2016

Proposal for the nutrition counseling process for the ABCP and elective “FFP” Fit for Performance Program at Womack Army Medical Center

Required Initial Nutrition Counseling Session (Introduction to FFP/ Initial Nutrition Counseling): Soldiers must complete the initial nutrition counseling session within 30 days of enrollment in the ABCP IAW AR 600-9. The initial nutrition counseling memorandum will BE provided at the end of session 1 (FFP).

Session 1 (FFP): The first session is offered on a walk-in basis every Tuesday at 1000 and lasts approximately 90 minutes. Soldiers need to arrive no later than 0930 to ensure seating. This class consists of an overview of the AR 600-9 program standards along with basic weight loss nutrition education. Soldiers will receive the initial nutrition counseling memorandum at the end of this session.

Soldier Action Plan Medical Treatment Facility Option: Soldiers who select Option A in the Soldier Action Plan, the weight loss program at the installation medical treatment facility, must first attend Session 1 (FFP) to receive their initial nutrition counseling memorandum. By the end of Session 1, Soldiers who intend to continue with the weight loss program at the installation will inform personnel in the nutrition clinic that they will continue with the program. Soldiers will then be directed to complete sessions 2-4 outlined below.

Session 2 (Fueling your body and brain): This session occurs on a walk-in basis every Wednesday at 0930. Soldiers should arrive no later than 0915 to ensure seating. During this hands-on class, Soldiers practice skills that enable them to make better lifestyle choices throughout the day. This class also includes a segment that helps Soldiers to adjust their mindsets in order to meet their goals.

Session 3 (Army Wellness Center): Soldiers may schedule an appointment at the Army Wellness Center (AWC) to conduct physical fitness, stress management/biofeedback, bodpod, and metabolic assessments. A flyer for the AWC is included in the packet.

Session 4 (Individual appointment): Soldiers may schedule individual appointments with the dietitian to discuss behavioral change and provide Soldiers with feedback specific to their needs. Additional appointments may be scheduled as needed and will be determined jointly by the dietitian and Soldier.

Location of Sessions: All nutrition counseling and Fit for Performance sessions are held in the Nutrition Care Division Classroom located on the basement floor of Womack Army Medical Center. The classroom entrance is directly across from the entrance to the Dining Facility. Location of the AWC is outlined in the packet.

Administrative Details:

  1. Upon a Soldier's completion of the individual Nutrition Counseling, the dietitian will sign the Soldier's "Nutrition Counseling Memorandum" certifying completion of IAW AR 600-9.
  2. All Soldiers are welcome to attend the nutrition classes, even if not enrolled in the ABCP.
  3. No appointment is necessary for a Soldier to attend the Initial Nutrition Counseling.
  4. As part of Option A in the Soldier Action Plan, the dietitian will work with the Soldier to make achievable goals to support health and weight loss progress. Soldiers may schedule additional group and individual follow-ups in the Nutrition Clinic.
  5. Soldiers who have completed Sessions 1 and 2 within the past 6 months should schedule an individual follow-up appointment with the dietitian instead of completing all sessions again.
  6. If you have any additional questions, you may call the Nutrition Clinic at (910) 907-8703. Soldiers are strongly encouraged to seek regular follow-up with the dietitian at 30, 90, and 180 days after completing the program. Soldiers may call the Nutrition Clinic at (910) 907-3438 Option 2 to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Links to Nutrition Information

Nutrition, Cholesterol, and Heart Disease

American Heart Association*
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Nutrition and Weight Control

Calorie Control Council** (enter code: fortbragg)


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