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Resident Selection and Application
Selection to the Transitional Year Program

The MODS system is used for selection of residents into the transitional year program. Some residents in the program have been accepted to categorical programs which require a transitional year. Other residents were selected into the program because they either chose to do a transitional year, or were not selected to the residency of their choice. Results from this military match are distributed at the Army Graduate Medical Education Selection Board which is typically held the week after Thanksgiving each year. In early November, the transitional year program reviews the MODS files of applicants to the TY program and places them on an order of merit list based on their performance as outlined in the MODS file.

Application instructions

The application deadline for residency is 15 September at 2100hrs. Residents will complete the application online using the MODS website. In addition, residents will need to include a number of items with their application packet. These supplemental items are due by 15 October. These items include: medical school transcript, step 1 and 2 results, height and weight and APFT verification, Dean’s letter, TY Program Director recommendation form, two letters of recommendation dated the year the resident started the Transitional Year, and a completed interview form from a Program Director in the chosen specialty. For the APFT and height/weight requirement, residents do not need to meet standards in order to get selected for a residency program, but they must meet the standard by 15 April before starting their residency if selected. The TY Program Director will complete a program director letter of recommendation based on resident performance during the first three months of training in the Transitional Year. At the conclusion of the TY year, the TY Program Director will submit another electronic letter summarizing each resident’s performance during the TY year. This letter will be used if residents apply to residencies in the future.

Please refer to the TY handbook for specific instructions regarding the application process.