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Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program


Welcome! we are enthusiastic to introduce our Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program at Womack Army Medical Center Fort Bragg North Carolina. This is a four year residency program fully accredited by the ACGME. We would like to invite you to visit us for a rotation and interview. You will experience training firsthand at the newest Department of Defense residency program.


Program Schedule
Transitioning from medical student to residency interns are given graduated levels of responsibility and independence. Off service rotation are conducted in the first year to establish general knowledge and skill with colleagues within our departments. Interns will start to learn obstetric triage and intrapartum management. Intern surgical experiences include cesarean sections and minor laceration repair. Minor gynecologic cases; include LEEP, hysteroscopy, and tubal ligation. Interns are first call for ER consultations.
  • Obstetrics (3 months) – The obstetrics intern learns the management of normal labor, delivery, postpartum care, and triage. While on rotation to labor and delivery PGY-1 may also scrub in on scheduled cesarean deliveries. The intern is responsible for management of the postpartum floor, and triage with the supervision of our staff.
  • Gynecology (2 months) – Intern gynecologic surgical experience includes mostly minor cases, including LEEP, hysteroscopy and tubal ligations. However during this rotation they may work with a multitude of providers and learn surgical procedures with different specialists. Interns are on call for Emergency department consults and benign gynecology post operative patients.
  • Night Float (2 months) – This rotation helps develop autonomy and independent thinking, as well as provide even work-flow within the duty hours guidelines set forth by the ACGME. The Interns works with the Night Float team that will include a staff provider, midwife, PGY2, and a Family Medicine provider.
  • Ambulatory (2 months) – This rotation is designed to develop skill in the management of outpatients. As the junior member of a team, the Intern on service will learn the basics of physical examination and office management of obstetric and gynecological issues.
  • Off Service Rotations (1 month) – In addition to expanding your knowledge base, these three rotations expose interns to colleagues in other departments. These relationships are later useful for residents in order to collaborate in other departments to care for complicated patients.
    • Emergency Department (1 month)
    • ICU (1 month) – Combined medical and surgical ICU
    • Inpatient Medicine (1 month)

During their second year, residents are challenged with managing all intrapartum patients on our busy Labor and Delivery unit, and participate in more advanced surgeries both in general gynecology and gynecology oncology. They also begin preoperative planning by evaluating, scheduling, and performing family planning surgeries.

  • Obstetrics (3 months)
  • Night Float (2 months)
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine
    • In combination with ultrasound and genetics (1 month)
    • In combination with Ambulatory (1 month)
  •  Gynecology Oncology (2 months)
  •  Women’s Health (1 month) – Outpatient management of premenopausal and postmenopausal patients; office and surgical management of benign and malignant breast disorders; family planning.

During the third year our residents are exposed to more surgical subspecialist and continue to participate in more advanced gynecologic surgeries, including laparoscopic and vaginal cases. During the obstetrics rotation, PGY-3’s will run the Labor and Delivery unit.
  • Obstetrics (2 months)
  • Gynecology (2 months)
  • Night Float (2 months)
  • Urogynecology (1 month)
  • Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (1 month)
  • Ambulatory (1 month)

The fourth year challenges the resident with independent decision-making and patient management. Under the supervision of faculty, PGY-4’s manage all patients on inpatient services and outpatient services. Our chief residents are also very involved in crafting the education of their junior residents.
  • Obstetrics (2 months)
  • Gynecology (2 months)
  • Night Float (2 months)
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine/Ambulatory (2 months)
  • Gynecology Oncology (2 months)
  • Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (1 month)
  • Urogynecology (1 month)


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Contact Information​​

(910) 907-6670
Coordinator Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency

(910) 907-6161
Program Director

Hours: Mon - Fri: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Location: Bldg 4-2817
6 North Floor
Accessible From Reilly Rd. Entrance
Fort Bragg, NC 28310

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