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Internship Didactics
A comprehensive program of regularly scheduled seminars, lectures, and workshops accompanies the intensive direct supervision provided on each rotation. These didactic presentations are designed to provide the Intern with state-of-the-art information and training relevant to effective functioning as a psychologist in the Army.
Interns receive didactic and experiential training in the fundamentals of hypnosis. Interns are introduced to biofeedback technology and provided with supervised opportunities to integrate both hypnosis and biofeedback into clinical treatment. Training is provided by a licensed credentialed psychologist who is both an ASCH-Approved Consultant and board-certified in clinical biofeedback.
There are several varieties of didactics:
¨ Extended seminar series covering different topics such as psychodiagnostic testing, neuropsychology, providing supervision, and evidence-based
    treatment models.
¨ Individual lectures focusing on special topics, such as suicide evaluation and management, assessment and treatment of depression, anxiety,
    insomnia, or other pathology, military psychology, cultural and individual diversity in training and practice, etc.
¨ Various workshops on the MMPI-2, MMPI-2 RF, MCMI III, PAI, empirically validated treatments for PTSD, etc.  The presenters of these
    didactic programs are principally distinguished colleagues from military and civilian clinical and academic communities.  Presentations are  
   scheduled and announced in advance.
¨ Topics in Psychopharmacology, taught by a board-certified psychiatrist.
¨  Interns may also attend hospital Grand Rounds and other local training opportunities.