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In-Processing Forms and Documents
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Step One
     Occupational Health:

Current Immunizations: Influenza, MMR, TB Two step (2 within 12 months), HEP B series, Varicella (Chicken Pox), recommended TD.

      Please submit a copy of your Immunization records as well as:
               -  Students Immunization Records  (Only fill out highlighted fields)
                  -  Page 2 - Immuno 

Instructions on how to send the forms:
-  You MUST have the influenza shot for the current flu season  by the beginning of December of the year that you are rotating at Womack
-  Only send your current Immunizations Records to Occupational Health 

Step Two

     Training Links:

Background: For Civilian Trainees and Clinical Research Associates

IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONCERNING ALL SUBMITTED DOCUMENTS: The authority for collection of information is Title 10, U. S. Code, section 1552, EO 9397. The principal purpose is for the enrollment of students at Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC). Routine Use: None. Disclosure is voluntary; however, failure to provide identifying information may impede your ability to request and enroll at WAMC.

WARNING: Emailing of this information is at the discretion of the applicant and uses the applicant’s email system. Womack Army Medical Center does NOT assume any liability for the interception of the information contained on this form. Use the following site for encrypting any emails sent to WAMC: *


Step Three

    Security Paperwork:

     Click on the below links to obtain the following security forms:

         *Active Duty Military do not need to complete SF 85 or OF 306

You are required to upload a copy of your birth certificate with your in-processing packet.

Step Four 

     In Processing Paperwork:  Timeline     -       Additional documentation required from rotating trainees:
Current Immunizations / BLS-CPR card / Professional license if applicable / military trainees – copy of orders


PLEASE NOTE: Once all forms are completed please place them in a zip folder and send thru AMRDEC.

Instructions on how to send the forms:

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