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Our History

Womack Army Medical Center is a United States Army-run military hospital that is located on Fort Bragg in near Fayetteville,... North Carolina. The facility is named for Medal of Honor recipient Bryant H. Womack. It contains 138 beds with 66,542 patients visit the hospital's emergency room; a total of 11,293 patients are admitted. Its physicians perform 2,758 inpatient and 7,407 outpatient surgeries. The Medical Center serves more than 160,000 eligible beneficiaries in the region, the largest beneficiary population in the Army.

The Womack Historical Timeline

1918 - 1919

Camp Bragg Base Hospital

The first medical facility to serve Fort Bragg was constructed in September 1918, with two dispensaries and a headquarters. At this time the post was known as Camp Bragg , and the hospital facility was called the United States Army Hospital. The hospital was built as a 500-bed facility located in 22 buildings. Today the area is Bastogne Gables housing.

1932 - 1941

USA Station Hospital One

In June, 1932, a new 83-bed, three-story, fully equipped, and modern hospital was built. It served a post population of 2,200 to 2,500 through most of the 1930s. Through the next few years, the post’s population rose slowly through 1939 when it reached 5,500. USA Station Hospital One closed in 1941. The building is now Headquarters for XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg .

USA Station Hospital Number Two and Three

In February, 1941, the Quartermaster Corps contractors built two cantonment-type hospitals with a bed-capacity of 2,682. The cantonment hospitals had one-story wood frame wards connected by covered walkways. USA Station Hospital Two (1,680 beds) was located north of Reilly Road and Pelham Street . USA Station Hospital Three (1,002 beds) sat to the southwest of Station Hospital Two. In 1949, all the medical facilities were moved into the old hospital area (bordered between Normandy and Reilly) combined with U.S. Army Station Hospital Number Two and became known as U.S. Army Station Hospital.

1958 - 2000

Womack Army Community Hospital

In May, 1955, ground was broken for Womack Army Community Hospital . It was built after the Korean War in 1950-1953, replacing the sprawling Station Hospital of World War II. The hospital honored an enlisted soldier, Private First Class Bryant H. Womack from Mill Spring , North Carolina . PFC Womack posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his actions as a combat medic in Korea .

Womack Army Medical Center

On August 3, 1958, Womack Army Community Hospital opened with a bed-capacity of 500, in a high-rise building nine stories tall. The Womack Ambulatory Patient Care Annex opened in March 1974. On October 1, 1991, Womack became the Womack Army Medical Center , Fort Bragg . One year later, on September 3, 1992, officials broke ground for a new Womack. The hospital remained the principal medical facility on Fort Bragg for over 40 years.

Womack Army Medical Center ( East Entrance)

On March 9, 2000, the new Womack Army Medical Center ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony was held at the east entrance of the medical center on Reilly Road . The total cost of the hospital complex is approximately $400 million with construction and provisions.

Womack Army Medical Center

The site is a 163-acre wooded site north of Albritton Junior High School bordered by Normandy Drive to the south, Longstreet Road to the north, Reilly Road to the east and the All American Expressway to the west. The new health care complex has increased quality care and access to beneficiaries by bringing more medical and specialized resources to Fort Bragg. Some of the specialties added since the current facility became a medical center include cardiology, hematology-oncology and pulmonology. The Army Medical Department is committed to providing quality, cost-efficient care for "The Total Army Family." Womack Army Medical Center is proud to serve the more than 199,000 eligible beneficiaries in the region, the largest beneficiary population in the Army. This facility has three connecting buildings. Building "A" is the clinic mall area at the All American Expressway entrance and it houses the outpatient clinics. Building "B", which is the building in the middle, houses most of our ancillary clinics and departments. Building "C", the inpatient tower, is located at the Reilly Road entrance. The inpatient tower is seven floors with an interstitial space between each floor that allows computer, equipment, plumbing etc… to be repaired without interrupting patient care. The new Womack is 1,020,359 square feet.